VITAL WorkLife, Inc. is a national behavioral health consulting company providing support to people facing life’s challenges while also assisting organizations to improve workplace productivity. We have deep experience in healthcare, especially assisting physicians and providers in dealing with the unique challenges facing their profession. This approach of helping individuals and their families, while also guiding organizations, builds healthy, sustainable behaviors. For over 35 years, we have offered industry leading Employee Assistance Programs, specialized support, training and consulting for a wide variety of industries.
Wheel of Well Being

Pathways to Well Being

At VITAL WorkLife, we believe overall well being is essential to satisfaction in one’s work and personal life. We use the Wheel of Well Being as a framework to evaluate and holistically develop Pathways to Well Being. Each dimension has an impact on overall well being, and by assessing and making improvements in each key dimension, we are likely to secure a more complete sense of well being. We partner with organizations, employees and families to create sustainable “Pathways to Well Being.” While the path is sometimes challenging, with unexpected twists and turns, most certainly the journey is easier with careful guidance from our empathetic, experienced behavioral health counselors, consultants and coaches.

physician provide well being solutionsVITAL for Physicians

With specialized experience working with physicians, their families and healthcare organizations, we are improving physician well being and creating healthier and safer environments of care through unique solutions. Our experienced, national network of consulting physician peer coaches who understand physician challenges, along with experienced PhD and master’s level licensed mental and behavioral health consultants, are passionate about helping physicians reach new levels of well being and engagement.

VITAL WorkLife

We are providing care to people who are trying to face life’s challenges and to their organizations working to be more productive. We actively encourage and make it easy for managers, supervisors and employees to take advantage of our industry-leading solutions. Our break-down-the-barriers approach to getting participants the solutions they need not only creates a more satisfying experience for employees, it also enhances the organization’s return on investment, by helping to:

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Increase productivity, performance and profits
  • Create a happier, healthier workforce and environment

Full-length portrait of a female executive standing in front of her colleaguesFor Teams

We help organizations build sustainable pathways for healthy behaviors that lead to productivity. We help guide the process to well being with our national network of over 62,000 licensed and experienced  master’s or doctorate-level counselors. The results are more productive staff with better abilities and resources to deal with professional challenges.

For Families

We help families of employees manage their busy lives, both with time-of-need or crisis support and  counseling for daily tasks or life’s challenges. Time-of-need or crisis support, family counseling, skills training, health information from online nurses, chemical dependency assessments, legal advice or financial consultations are some of the support services we offer.

For Individuals

We help individuals build healthy behaviors, supported by experienced mental health and behavioral counselors, consultants and peer coaches. We provide comprehensive solutions for hundreds of thousands of employees, wherever they work, live or travel.

In addition to our deep experience in healthcare, we have helped a wide variety of industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Administration
  • Real Estate
  • Social Assistance
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

We Can Help

We have a rich legacy of helping organizations, their employees and families become healthier, happier and more productive.