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In everything we do, VITAL WorkLife is focused on not only effectively meeting the needs of our customers, but exceeding their expectations through the expertise we bring and the professionalism with which we provide our services.

We have chosen the traditional and strong color BLUE to illustrate our continued focus on the healthcare market and tie to our former Physician Wellness Services division. A bright, vibrant GREEN denotes life, freshness, health and also ties to our legacy of VITAL WorkLife.

The blue color in the word VITAL draws your eye to the figure, strong, fit and on the move, taking action for well being. The figure is friendly, inviting, has arms wide stretched, also indicating balance, an embrace of life… life that is healthy and lived to the fullest extent.

The circle, a symbol of life, is simple, complete, symmetrical. Our circle shows movement, it is dynamic. Our circle is not dark or like a tunnel, it demonstrates the organization or community the figure is a part of.

VITAL WorkLife assists healthcare organizations, physicians and their families with work, family and personal concerns, promoting work and life balance. Our specialized training, consulting, intervention services, counseling and concierge services address the needs of individual physicians and workgroups across the organization.

VITAL WorkLife also provides the highest quality solutions and industry-leading consulting and behavioral health services and programs to organizations across a wide range of industries. Our full-service, comprehensive Employee Assistance Program solutions help employees and their families effectively address work, family and personal issues, resulting in increased employee productivity and satisfaction. We work with organizations at every level, providing a complete portfolio of support services including counseling, coaching, consulting and training.

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