Doug Adamek, Founder of VITAL WorkLife

Our founder, Douglas Adamek, PhD

Doug Adamek, PhD

Founded in 1982 as Midwest Professional Services by Douglas Adamek, PhD, the company grew to become one of the pioneers of employee assistance in Minnesota. A progressive company that has continued to revolutionize itself and the industry it leads, the company re-branded itself as VITAL WorkLife as it expanded its cost-effect services throughout the upper Midwest region.

Recognizing the need for solutions tailored specifically for healthcare, especially physicians, the company expanded again in 2009, launching the Physician Wellness Services division. Founded to focus on providing industry-leading mental and behavioral health solutions to physicians and the organizations that employ them, Physician Wellness Services leveraged years of experience in healthcare to specifically help physicians on a national basis. The parent company, Workplace Behavioral Solutions, Inc., led these two divisions to become a leading national behavioral health company specializing on building healthy, happy employees and productive organizations.

In 2015, understanding the company’s comprehensive solutions promote essential and sustainable behaviors that support work/life balance and a healthy work experience for both healthcare and general business clients, VITAL WorkLife brought both divisions together to synergistically build upon the experience and solutions being delivered. We know behavior directly impacts individual well being; critical issues of organizational productivity, efficiency, workplace satisfaction, culture and profitability; as well as patient care, safety and satisfaction. VITAL WorkLife is focused on providing a comprehensive suite of consultative solutions designed specifically for building healthy sustainable behaviors for work and life.