hand pain from mouseErgonomic Mouse Supports Workplace Well Being

No, I don’t mean Mickey or Minnie. I’m talking about the new ergonomic mouse for my computer. I was vaguely aware of their existence but never thought anything of the benefits of an Ergonomic Mouse until my chiropractor recommended getting one. The sore wrist I would get sometimes using my regular mouse didn’t seem too bad; I just needed to shake it out once in a while. What did become a problem was when I developed a very tight and uncomfortable spot below my right shoulder blade.

Now having a wrist issue was understandable right? And everybody knows about carpel tunnel syndrome. But what does using a mouse have to do with a muscle two feet away? Turns out this little device can cause all kinds of trouble, as identified by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. After several weeks of stretching, exercising the area and lots of ibuprofen; I decided to get a professional opinion.

My chiropractor suggested getting a vertical, or ergonomic mouse. Several of his patients tried and loved them. The search for options produced prices ranging from $4 to $366. I opted for a $14 version and it has served me well. The pain in my back reduced immediately and now a couple months later, is gone entirely. There is no wrist pain either. The natural position when using it is similar to when you are shaking hands and feels much more natural than having your hand completely flat when using a regular device.

Vertical mouseWhy Use a Vertical Mouse?

The benefits are many for using a vertical or ergonomic mouse:

  • Forearm positioned in an anatomical rest position with decreased muscle use
  • Wrist relaxes on ‘bony’ baby finger side, no compression of soft wrist tissue
  • Wrist remains in comfortable neutral position
  • Larger muscles of the arm are used to move the mouse, not wrist

My ergonomic mouse has made me very happy with the results of making the switch. Now I don’t think about my wrist or back, but I do notice my legs lack of circulation when sitting for long periods of time. Perhaps the next step will be an adjustable standing desk!

More on the benefits of a vertical mouse from Ergo, Inc.

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