Emergency Physicians: highest level of burnout among all medical specialtiesJay Kaplan, President, American College of Emergency Physicians

As an advocate for Emergency Physicians, Jay Kaplan, MD, FACEP, President of the American College of Emergency Physicians, supports a balanced, holistic approach to well being. Discover how well being can be learned by studying Noah’s Ark, from his podcast on Physician Wellness:

  1. Don’t Miss the Boat – what is your personal mission statement
  2. We’re All in the Same Boat – who supports you by helping deal with your opportunities and identify your strengths
  3. Plan Ahead: It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark – create a renewal investment plan to stay healthy

As Dr. Kaplan discusses the importance of the different dimensions of well being, such as purpose, sleep and relationships, among others, he also offers a number of tips on how to strive to achieve balance in work and life, while enjoying the practice and the patients of emergency medicine. For example:


  • Take a REAL vacation
  • Recognize burnout in yourself and others
  • Give yourself a break (take it one step at a time)
  • Both ask for help and to say no

We can help.

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Source: American College of Emergency Physicians Podcasts