Stress and Burnout Blog, Executive Summary, Full Report

The VITAL WorkLife Physicians’ Blog (see the sidebar for a brief digest of recent articles) has a large number of Stress and Burnout posts. You can also download copies of the 2015 Physician Stress and Burnout Survey executive summary or full report below:

Download the Executive Summary of the 2015 Physician Stress & Burnout Survey

Download a free copy of the 2015 Physician Stress & Burnout Survey Report

As comparison, download our other annual survey reports:

Stress and Burnout Surveys, Studies, Articles:

We have also compiled a list of additional resources. If you would like to submit an additional reference for this page, we welcome the opportunity to share this information with the healthcare community.

Impact of Organizational Leadership on Physician Burnout and Satisfaction Mayo Clinic Proceedings April 2015

Study: Current physician burnout solutions ineffective, Beckers Hospital Review

Physician Burnout: It Just Keeps Getting Worse, Medscape

12 Telling Points About Physician Stress and Burnout | MD Magazine Physician’s Money Digest

Physician Stress and Burnout, Results Alarming, Med Monthly (pages 16-17)

Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession, Wall Street Journal

10 Bold Steps to Prevent Burnout in General Internal MedicineMark Linzer, MD

“Why Is My Physician So Angry?”

Throwing ‘invisible scalpels’: A different take on Disruptive Physician Behavior, Advisory Board

Managing Malpractice: Tips We Hope You Will Never Need, Wayne Sotile, PhD, Medical Family Life, American Medical Association Alliance

The Changing Face of Medicine: How is Change Affecting You?, Physician Magazine

What Is the Most Common Piece of Advice Doctors Give—But Don’t Take?, Wall Street Journal

When Life Impacts Work: Finding Work/Life Balance, Med Monthly

Coping with Grief and Loss, Physician Magazine

Physician Burnout and Occupational Stress: An inconvenient truth with unintended consequences, Dr. Alan H. Rosenstein, et al, Journal of Hospital Administration

Innovation Is Sweeping Through U.S. Medical Schools, Wall Street Journal

Physician Shortage Could Hit 90K by 2025, HealthLeaders Media

GME Funding: How to Fix the Doctor Shortage, Association of American Medical Colleges