A Comprehensive Solution


While a lot of attention has been paid to physician behaviors that undermine a culture of safety and the risk of patient complaints, malpractice suits and workplace dissatisfaction associated with this behavior, the reality is many physician problems started small and were ignored.

2015 national survey of over 2000 physicians say stress and burnout is increasing. Almost 66% of respondents say more stressed than in 2011, 88% moderately to severely stressed and over 46% specified severely stressed.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions, designed specifically for Physicians, can help healthcare organizations to recognize performance issues and behaviors early enough for many issues to be resolved before they compromise patient safety and staff morale or expose you to risk of malpractice litigation. We’re also behavioral experts you can turn to should a physician related situation go too far with proven a Physician Intervention solution designed and supported by physician peer coaches, and master’s and doctorate level counselors and consultants. Learn more call us at 877.731.3949 or contact us via our online form.

Physician Experience

We have deep experience in healthcare, especially assisting physicians and providers in dealing with the challenges facing their profession. VITAL WorkLife offers a discreet, comprehensive, research-based programs, designed by medical professionals, for dealing effectively and compassionately with physicians  and healthcare organizations. Learn more about our VITAL for Physicians solutions.

Proactive & Preventive

Physician Intervention is just one component of the proactive, preventive suite of services offered for Physicians by VITAL WorkLife. We also offer Physician Well Being Resources, designed to help doctors manage the stress of their personal and professional lives and customized Training & Education programs designed to create a healthier work environment at your healthcare facility.  Custom consulting is tailored to each situation or challenge using a dedicated team of physician peer coaches, consultants and behavioral health professionals who understand the unique needs of physicians and their organizations. Coaching and Support offers physicians up to 6 hours  over a 3 month period of peer and executive coaching, counseling and mentoring. Programs include:

  • Physician orientation and leadership training
  • Time of Need support for physician & their families:
    • Stress & Burnout
    • Depression
    • Conflict & Relationships
  •  Available 24 x 7 x 365
    • Time-saving virtual concierge services to help with personal and family daily living tasks
    •  Professional & family counseling
  • Assistance locating reputable resources outside the program for issues such as chemical dependence
  • Legal & Financial Resources
  • Assistance via:
    • Peer Coaching
    • Executive Coaching
    • Counseling
    • Mentoring

We Can Help

We are a leading national behavioral health consulting company providing a coordinated, comprehensive and confidential suite of services designed specifically for physicians and the organizations that employ them. The result is total custom solutions, offered nationwide, where you can access all the services you need, with a single call to 877.731.3949 or contact us via our online form.