Help us build a community invested in improving well being in healthcare.

A community of leaders, physicians, providers, educators, agencies, businesses.

The changes in healthcare are the highest levels in history; new labor models, increasing fiscal pressures, evolving technologies and regulations, Millennials who need to be managed/coached/mentored differently than Baby Boomers are just some of the challenges.

Everyone in healthcare is well aware of the issues, yet the challenges persist, especially in the areas of mental and behavioral health of those who do the healing. Well being seems to be elusive for those who are striving to ensure the well being of others.

The purpose of this group will be to share best practices, ask questions, collaborate on ideas, and in the process, create a community of mental and behavioral care for those interested in improving the well being of physicians and providers, and the healthcare organizations where they work.

Join us in improving well being in healthcare!

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