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We help individuals build healthy behaviors, supported by experienced mental health and behavioral counselors, consultants and peer coaches. We provide comprehensive solutions for hundreds of thousands of employees, wherever they work, live or travel. VITAL WorkLife offers a wide variety of integrated resources designed to keep your employees on the job while helping them confront life’s challenges.

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Supportive counseling and coaching are at the core of all the services we offer. We help employees deal with everything from marital and relationship issues to depression, stress, anxiety, anger and grief, as well as parenting challenges and concerns and more — whether they want to talk with us face to face or by phone.

Recognizing that chemical dependency is one of the most serious problems facing many organizations, chemical dependency and addiction evaluation and referral are also among our core services — provided at no extra cost.

We ensure absolute confidentiality around all the services we provide. Employees’ confidence in their privacy is essential to engaging them in the work we do.

We can help you learn more about helping individual employees and their families in general organizations or unique solutions for healthcare organizations.