What is a Physician Intervention?

A Physician Intervention (PINT) is a solution offered to healthcare organizations by VITAL WorkLife.  It is a fee for service resource for organizations concerned about a stressed or otherwise trouble physician, and/or a physician demonstrating disruptive behaviors.

In addition to assisting the organization, PINT provides a resource for physicians to maintain optimal productivity and patient care, peer relationships, and communication with other professionals in the workplace.   Through PINT we provide consultation to the organization, and work with the physician to better understand the behaviors and/or situations that have led to their referral into this program.  We assist in developing an action plan to address concerns (often with recommendations for both the physician and the organization), and provide case management for up to a year.

Our services are delivered in a coordinated and integrated manner with our multi-disciplinary intervention team of Clinical Leads, Consulting Physicians and Licensed Behavioral Health Specialists called “Senior Consultants.”

PINT  involves an organization consultation (conducted by a Clinical Lead), a multi-disciplinary team assessment of the referred physician to determine underlying issues (conducted separately by both a Consulting Physician and a Senior Consultant), and case management up to one year to ensure sustained change (conducted by the Clinical Lead), including:  reporting on findings and recommendations, coordinating any recommended referrals for additional evaluation and/or treatment, providing on going support to both the referred physician and the organization, and updating recommendations as needed.

How does this differ from Physician Wellness Resources?

Physician Wellness Resources is intended as a well being support resource for physicians and providers.  This program is purchased by an organization on a per employee per month basis, based on estimated utilization patterns.  The program is offered as a benefit to employed (and sometimes contracted) physicians and providers and their family members.  It is a HIPPA protected, confidential resource.

What is your general approach and philosophy when it comes to PINT?

Please watch this video with Liz Ferron, LICSW VITAL WorkLife Physician Practice Lead and Ron Groat, MD VITAL WorkLife Consulting Physician.