Physicians Identify Barriers to Well Being.Physicians Looking at Mobile Phone

The state of healthcare is such that physicians experience multiple barriers to requesting and accepting help and support. In our 2017 survey on well being solutions, over 50 percent of physicians and advanced practitioners reported six or more barriers to engaging with well being strategies and resources.

A common barrier identified by physicians and advanced practitioners in the survey was difficulty finding time to access well being solutions. We’ve designed our offerings with an eye towards removing this barrier.

Time-Saving Well Being Solutions for Physicians

  • We have solutions to actually SAVE time for physicians (WorkLife Assistant available 24/7)
  • We have information, strategies, support and resources for physicians, providers and advanced practitioners available at their fingertips with our Mobile App
  • We offer peer coaching – accessible via the phone or video conferencing (in the privacy of their own home or office)
  • Peer coaching and counseling often available outside of regular clinic hours, over the phone or face-to-face

Give us a call to learn more about how to leverage these offerings in your coaching or counseling with VITAL WorkLife clients.