HIPAA Compliant Technology Policy.

As a reminder, due to security issues and HIPAA compliance laws, VITAL WorkLife has adopted the policy that all engagements sharing client information must use a secure platform if the meeting is being held via the webGoToMeeting is compliant with these regulations, and is the only platform VITAL WorkLife will use. It is our policy that VITAL WorkLife holds to the highest standards of privacy when protecting our population of clients.Secure Lock

VITAL WorkLife requires our consultants to treat all communications with clients in a way that protects privacy in accordance with HIPAA standards. If you wish to engage in video counseling and/or coaching with VITAL WorkLife client’s using non‐secure systems, such as but not limited to: Skype, text/SMS messaging and/or other platforms, you must notify the client of issues arising from using an unsecured platform and obtain consent from our client to do so.

Additional HIPAA Compliant Platforms

If you are looking for a HIPAA compliant web/video platform, here are some we suggest:

  • VSee Video Chat
  • Telehealth Platform
  • Zoom
    • “Basic” service (free) for one on one videoconferencing (any more people requires a paid plan). The security sited is the following: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, AES 256 bits encryption