At VITAL WorkLife, we expect our consultants to meet the same high standards of clinical competency as our internal staff. We also expect services will be delivered in a professional and ethical manner.

Please review and be familiar with the following guidelines:

  • Make services available to our clients within three (3) business days for routine appointments and one (1) business day for urgent matters.
  • Provide Whole Person Assessment to determine all areas possibly contributing to a client’s concern.
  • Offer Short-term, Solution-focused Counseling Model When clients referred to you by VITAL WorkLife are not able to resolve their concerns within the session parameters for their plan, please make recommendations or referrals for additional care and assist the client in arranging for this care. Such care may include (but is not limited to): support groups, therapy groups, social service agencies, psychiatric care, specialized therapy and treatment programs.
  • Provide Safe, Professional Office and facility surroundings.
  • Comply with Licensing Standards and confidentiality practices of your discipline.
  • Return VITAL WorkLife and Client Calls and e-mail communication promptly.
  • Facilitate Referrals to Community Resources Our expectation is you have a thorough knowledge of resources in the community where you practice and are willing to identify and research resources as needed. Please maintain a database of local and national resources to offer to clients when clinically appropriate (i.e., support groups, community agencies, reading materials, specialists, treatment facilities, etc.) When referring to clinical resources, contact the client’s insurance company to obtain benefit information and names of covered providers.

Receiving a Referral

When VITAL WorkLife has a need for services, you will be contacted by a member of our team. You will be sent a client authorization form with the client’s name, authorization number and number of approved sessions. If a client ever contacts you directly, you should advise them to contact VITAL WorkLife for authorization.

When you first meet with a client, you must have them fill out an Intake Form. In the case of clients under the age of 18, the form must be filled out by a legal guardian. Please look over the form to make sure all sections have been filled out, and if there are areas incomplete, ask the client to complete those. Record session dates and duration on your authorization form at each session.

For billing purposes, you can submit a copy of the authorization with each session completed. Or, you can wait until the case is closed before you submit for billing. Keep in mind, however, billing must be turned in no later than 120 days after the session occurs in order to be paid. We recommend you turn in your billing information after each session. A copy of the intake form must accompany your very first payment request for each authorized case.

At the close of the case, you must completely fill out the box at the bottom of the second page labeled “To be completed by counselor at closing.” Your closing report must accompany your last session payment request and it must be sent to Allison Lamp. It can be sent in one of three ways:

  • By secure e-mail to Allison at:
  • By fax, to the attention of Allison Lamp at 320.240.1501
  • By mail to:
    VITAL WorkLife
    Attn: Allison Lamp
    1015 West St. Germain, Suite 440
    St. Cloud, MN 56301

When to Contact Us

We request you immediately consult with VITAL WorkLife staff under the following circumstances:

  • If a client threatens harm to self or others
  • If you have questions related to client benefits and coverage
  • When a client requests records related to action against an employer
  • Any time you would like to consult on a complex case
  • Performance-based referrals
  • When you need assistance identifying resources for clients