Management consultation is a core service we provide to our business customers. We offer assistance in providing a productive and positive environment at work and coaching on managing troubled employees at work.

You may be asked to provide counseling services to an employee referred to us by their manager or other company representative. We know troubled employees often have issues at work related to performance or behavior.

When an organization has an employee whose work performance has deteriorated, or has violated a policy, or who has behaved inappropriately at work, the employee’s manager or HR representative may choose to refer the employee to the EAP as part of a plan to address issues or concerns.

If the company representative is interested in receiving feedback from us on the employee’s participation with the Employee Assistance Program, we ask them to have the employee sign a release up front and fax it to us.

Once VITAL WorkLife has received the release, we are able to contact the company representative to let them know when the employee has called to set up their appointment. We will also contact the company representative to inform them of follow through by the employee, recommendations made by the counselor and the employee’s willingness to accept any further referrals.

When we make a performance-based referral to you, know our goal is to assist the employee in being successful at work. We will look to you to help the employee identify barriers to success and to develop an action plan for diminishing or removing those barriers. To assist you in your work with the employee, we’ll share any background information we’ve received from the company representative and be available to offer guidance to you in complex cases. We’ll ask you to keep us informed about whether or not the employee is keeping appointments and the success of the action plan.